Sunday, January 17, 2010

Excessively Peppy / Overexcited People by John I

Calm down. Just calm the f*** down please. Stop bulging your eyes with enthusiasm as you tell me about something that isn't that amazing. Stop accentuating stupid details. Excessively enthusiastic people are easily excited, amused, and stimulated. They prefer ultimate fighting over baseball. Good news is often great news to them. They were definitely at the Phillies parade. They wear body paint to sporting events. And worst of all, they have a terrible sense of humor. They laugh at obvious humor. They laugh a little too long and a bit too loudly. Generally, these people are compensating for something. Their lack of intelligence, sense of humor, personality, or physical fitness causes them to be excessively outgoing and loud. And worst of all, they smile way too f***ing much. More on this topic to come

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