Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hating the Past: Outlines and Rough Drafts

Remember in Elementary school and middle school and high school and even college when teachers forced you to do outlines and rough drafts.

For some people this may have actually been helpful but for me it was always a nuisance that I have dreaded. It was bullshit that got in the way of the finished project. Stuff like this should have been optional because for some kids it did not help organize shit. Teachers should have been worried about the finished product and not how you got there. If you can successfully complete the finish product you don't need to complete mundane tasks. If you can't and the outline helps you then have at it.

I bring this up because today at work I am being told to write an outline for a half page summary of a 10 page report. Really I wrote a 10 page report and you don't trust me to write a half page summary. Needless to say I wrote my summary and didn't do the outline only to bitched at after the fact. Forgive me for cutting the bullshit.

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