Friday, January 22, 2010

Passport to the American Dream

We met some foreign exchange students in Old City who went to Penn. They were from all over Europe and came to study law on scholarship. 90 people are in the program and are getting hooked up with a top notch education from Penn. I didn't study this students to see what exactly their credentials were but I am bothered in general by the influx of foreigners that attend our countries top universities. It's getting harder and harder for the American born students to attend the best schools. This is a crime and is at the very core of what is wrong in our country. Little Billy lives 10 minutes from the school and grew up dreaming of going to Penn but fuck him we'll take the foreigner. You wonder why other countries are catching up to's because your letting them. Fuck the idea of the bread basket to the world. If two applicants are equal you take the homegrown. But NO.... we want to improve are global image. Fuck Penn for doing this but they are not alone. The American Dream can only be obtained by passport nowadays.

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