Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save Your Money...Don't Go to the Major Event

Thinking of going to the Final Four, the BCS Championship, or the Super Bowl? Save your money, it probably isn't worth it unless your team is playing. The two biggest reasons for the letdown is the atmosphere and your seats suck worse than you could have imagined. I'm sure Lou can second this concept, having attended a Super Bowl.

Avoid Neutral Predetermined Locations

Corporate "Champions" have a hold on so many seats at the Final Four that if you get public seats to the game you can watch them milling behind the scenes and stuffing their faces while the game is going on. You see because its a great idea to have a basketball game on a football field and stick the paying customers so far out of the way they have a better view of the corporate tents then the game.
The atmosphere blows at these games because the real fans have little time to snatch up tickets and make travel plans. Many of the tickets have been distributed to the corporate sponsors coaches and other people that care little about the teams.
I have sat in the last row behind the basket at these events and also in obstructed view seats. I don't usually buy into watching the game on TV but in these instances it can be ideal.

Pro Sports win here
Having been to the 1993 NLCS Game 1, 1993 World Series Game 5, and NHL Eastern Conference Finals game 6, I can say that its better to these pro events as opposed to NCAA tournament regional semi finals and finals. The atmosphere is better because its filled with raucous home fans willing their team to victory.

Go to a rivalry game
Shell out your cash to go to a on campus rivalry game and you won't regret it. The exchange between fans no matter if its football or basketball its awesome. Feel the hatred in the building and the shift in emotions hindging on each big play and witness the fans chanting as the clock runs down. Immerse yourself in the true culture of the real fans and you will have a more enjoyable time. Even a titantic NFL clash like a divisional game probably packs more atmosphere punch then the Super Bowl. Spend your money wisely.

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