Monday, January 25, 2010

Where US Sports Fail: NFL Overtime

It's obvious. I probably don't even have to say it. But.....what happened in the NFC Championship yesterday was an abomination. A trip the Super Bowl was largely determined by a coin flip and a bad pass interference call.

Things currently being done that are better then NFL Overtime
  • College Football Overtime- Each team gets a chance to score from their opponents 25 yd line. In the 3 OT, each team must go for two to avoid the tie
  • FA Cup Soccer- If the teams are tied after final whistle their is a replay. The away team becomes the home team and the new match is played the following week. (Home teams are random in this tournament)
  • NBA Overtime, NHL Overtime, Extra Innings
  • The XFL fight for the football to determine possession

The NFL is stubborn to adjust to rules of the college game. Instant replays requires a coaches challenge instead of the booth reviewing all plays and buzzing down if they see an issue. In college you can also make your own challenges. For the longest time you couldn't go for 2 in the NFL after a touchdown. They are slow to adapt to change because they could give a shit what you think. Actual game play is shorter now then it has ever been due to out of bounds rules, yet they still last 3+ hours. The NFL will get their commercials in even if it means cutting game play.

What they could do

1. Each team gets the ball at the opponents 40 yd line. This is fringe field goal range and good four down territory. It would be exciting and relatively fair.

2. A full quarter is played with the coin toss still in effect.

3. Kickoff and exchange trying to go the length of the field. Each team gets a chance. 4 Downs. No field goals.

4. Tug of War- Start at midfield and exchange 1 play for 1 play. First team to score a touchdown wins. This idea is insane but I think it's at least worth mentioning.

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