Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Light...Green Light It

Gambling is a billion dollar industry. The Catholic Church calls it a vice. People claim that it brings in a seedy underbelly and leads to crime. I won't dispute this completely. To some degree I believe it to be true but I feel its blown out of proportion. Its an age old agrument but don't let the actions of some ruin things for the majority of us. Most people enjoy gambling for fun and are prepared to lose some coin when the go to the casino because they expect to have some fun along the way. You go down the shore and hang out with your friends and family and enjoy a night or a weekend of controlled mayhem.

I like gambling of all forms because it taxes the dumb, weak willed, and poor that do not contribute enough to taxes. Buy your scratch offs on your lunch breaks and on the way home from work. You might get lucky some times but in the end you will lose. Thank you for contributing to the state funds.

People who bitch about gambling are the ones that don't do it and because they are not having fun, they don't want you to either. These people need to get a life. Casinos are beginning to pop up around our area in limited form to raise dollars for the Tri state area. They are popping up throughout the rest of the country as well because they are generating an interest in otherwise uninteresting areas and are helping to pay for government deficits.

Sports betting is one area that Delaware tried to pass an ultimately failed. 3 team parlays were approved in the state but thats a far cry from single game betting. For the life of me, I don't understand why federal law limits single game betting to Las Vegas. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 allowed Delaware and Oregon to run sports lotteries but not single game betting like Nevada. I specualte, to the point where I am nearly certain, that politics and the mob are involved in keeping in in Vegas. The NCAA and NFL are the biggest professional roadblocks to sports gambling spreading making several threats.

The point is that people enjoy sports gambling, perhaps even more so then table games. Bookies exist throughout the country and would continue to exist (because they allow betting on credit) but gambling would be more regulated. The mob presence would subside some because some people will choose to gamble legally and the states across the country would have some added revenue. I look forward to the day where betting palors are outside of stadium and you can place bets at halftime of games. Gambling may be considered part of the red light district but its time to green light it for the sake of the majority.

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