Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Not What You Think It Is, Part I

Americans are especially guilty of this. Our language is constantly morphing to cushion the impact of reality. Not only is our healthy food coated in sugar, the reality of our lives is coated in sugar as well. What good is it to ignore reality? You might feel better in the short run, but you're only torturing yourself in the long run. Ultimately, you will be very very disappointed when reality shows its ugly face. Why not acknowledge what is happening in your life now? Don't BS yourself. Don't make unattainable promises to yourself. Because you will be horribly disappointed and worse off than you would be if you just took a course of action that was reasonable. I'm not saying don't set lofty goals, I'm saying don't torture yourself. You won't lose weight on the sugar-free tastykake diet. Go ahead and try the Taco Bell drivethrough diet, and see if you only order their "healthy" tacos only. Thats right, you got a soda with it didnt you? Your kid isn't starting at quarterback? He sucks, get away from the coach, your kid will get on the field somewhere. The current economic depression is not as bad as the great depression, but its still a depression. The news likes to refer to it as The Great Recession. Imagine if we replaced the word "depression" with "recession" in our everyday life. "Yeah I drink when I feel recessed". Sounds stupid to me.

This series will expose the latest fads, products, and things that just aren't what they claim to be, AND DEFINITELY NOT WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE.

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