Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Irrelevant

Who gives a shit about the Miss America pageant? Apparently not many people do because it aired last night on TLC. The Learning Channel. HAHAHAHA! The Learning Channel!? No one is interested in these overachieving, overzealous, holier-than-thou, untouchable women. "And here comes Miss North Carolina. She enjoys mountain biking, kick boxing, yoga, and watching football with the guys. While not studying her Neurosurgery textbooks, she devotes her free time towards reading to blind kids, rescuing puppies, and other empty deeds to build her resume. She was the girl in high school who ignored you. You have no shot with this girl, so get it out of your head. If you were laying in a puddle of your own blood in her path, she would probably step on you".

No one cares to watch this false competition anymore. Unfortunately, I do not know any of these girls personally, so why should I care about what they do. It's a class president race on steroids. I'm not impressed. It's shameless self-promotion. My opinions are often not backed by the masses, but I feel the people are with me on this one. The Miss America pageant is bogus.

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