Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Babies = Recently Deceased

How's that for a headline? No this isn't an article on abortion. It's a unique thought that it is difficult to find anyone say something negative about the looks of a baby or someone who recently died. It's either that baby is so cute, or he was the nicest person you could ever meet. Bullshit. Ugly babies may be rare but they do exist, see above. If the parents are unattractive then the baby may not have much hope. Although we hope this little guy fills out well. Certainly we realize there are bad people in the world and rarely are people as good as they are made out to be when people speak about them in the media or at a funeral. Does it have to stop? Should we draw a line in the sand?
I'm not sure. I tend to call it as I see it. Just don't get upset when I rip on a guy the day after he died if I thought he was an asshole. I'm the one who is being truthful. As far as babies are concerned maybe some people shouldn't procreate. You can call me an asshole.

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  1. Although I obviously cannot agree with your apparent hatred toward ugly babies, I still feel the need to comment. When you say, "If the parents are unattractive then the baby may not have much hope." It has been my experience that butt-ass-ugly parents make rather goodlooking daughters. Sons, forget about it, but def daughters. Now i know these are not babies but ugly babies tend to not be attractive adults.

    Think about some of the most gorgeous women you know and look them up. If they dont have the ugliest parents, then i'll take it back. (by the way, it only works if the parents aren't rich)