Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Spills Over (Updated)

I'm willing to bet that 80% of people don't even know the significance of this holiday. So read up here if you wish. Many people like to use the holiday as an excuse to drink and fine. It's annoying when most holidays are used an excused for a reason to drink but whatever. People want to wear green, have Irish soda bread and potatoes, fine. I'm not stopping you, I might even play along. But I do have a problem with the holiday as you might have guessed and its with the overlap.
Technically I have more Irish heritage than anything else so people would I say I'm Irish. But fuck that. I was born in this country because my ancestors decided that America was a better place to live than anywhere they were in Europe. So excuse me if I don't wear t-shirts that say kiss me I'm Irish or Italia. During the World Cup I root for U.S.A. My beef with Americans is that they think its so cool to be anything but. I'm from Africa or Italy or Asia so I'm an African-American, Italian-American, or an Asian American. Fuck that. There is a reason you are here and not there. It's better. Either you are an American or you are not.
I'm not saying you can't celebrate your ancestry but every needs to take it back a notch. Wearing a teams hat and integrating your heritage colors makes you an asshole. Going out of you way to buy imported goods also makes you a jackass. I realize that the United States does not have the same history as other nations but lets start taking pride in our country more. And not just in war time.

Update: So I was reconfiquring the website a little today and was going through John's blog and found this. It looks like he had beat me to the punch. I completly forgot about the post and feel like an ass so read his. Its interesting how we share similar thoughts.

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