Friday, March 12, 2010


Wouldn't life be alot simpler if you could operate under this concept. You have one girl to bang, one to be your wife, and one to... you know. There are girls you want to sleep with but never talk to either because they are psychotic, stupid or just a bitch. Imagine if you could just bang her and talk to your wife afterwards. Like a hooker without the guilt or risk of STDs. It's a prearranged agreement. Your wife is great you can converse and share the same values but either she is not as horny or you have wondering eyes. Either way she won't do all the things you're sick head can come up with so you have to fulfill your needs elsewhere. Finally the kill, honestly I don't even really feel the need to do this but I'm sure some of you do. The girl who cheated on you and broke your heart deserves to die. I'll help if the bitch has it coming.

If any girls are actually still reading this, go head and admit that you would like to do this too. Think about the guy who is really sweet and will do anything for you. You love him and he would be a perfect husband except for the fact your not really attracted to him. Then there is the guy who knows he's hot but he's kind of a dick. You love his hair and his muscles and imagine the things he would do to you. Finally you have every boyfriend that ever broke up with you or cheated on you. But remember girls you can only snuff one.

So give in to the food for thought. Who would be on your list of people you actually know? Celebrities?

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