Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things I Should Probably Do: Corporate Whore Tour

The best thing about working for [Name Redacted] is getting to travel with people your own age and staying in baller hotels. You're the man for your time and place. You can easily walk to the bars and hang out with your coworkers on command. It's college with a paycheck. It only happens during training sessions but its far more enjoyable then regular work. The work aspect is boring but when you BS with your coworkers it makes the day tolerable.

The Plan: Quit this job when the well runs dry and start at a new company. Find a place that will rotate a group possibly even overseas. Find out what kind of accomidations you will be staying in and the people you will be working with. Bounce from place to place and travel the world on the company dime. When the party stops at one place find another.

The Verdict: This is somewhat possible because being friends with your coworkers makes work far more enjoyable. Even if your working 12 hours days its far more tolerable amongst friends. Hint hint public accountants that are bitching. More research needs to be done to see who offers the best college atmosphere. Eventually you would need to settle in somewhere but one change might be in order.

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