Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You're American

Here is my post from the old days, I dug it up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

It's St. Patrick's Day. Let me make this clear, I have nothing against any ethnicity. However, I am very unimpressed by the bogus ethnic pride I see in Americans. St Patrick's Day is the perfect example of this. 99.99% of the people boasting their Irish pride today have never been to Ireland, don't really know a damn thing about Ireland, and they pose in thier green shirts and whatnot. They don't have any living relatives that come from the old country, and they probably never knew any. This is my question to all these ethnic pride sheep (Irish and Italians are the primary perpetrators): If Ireland/Italy/wherever is so damn special, why did your ancestors leave? Here's why, because they were so desperately poor and impoverished, they would rather abandon their homeland to live an impoverished existence in the U.S. You're American, everything you know and understand is American, Ireland has done nothing for you. Ever. Just because you studied for a semester in a country doesn't make you a part of it. Although I wouldn't mind if you stayed so I no longer have to endure your phony misplaced ethnic enthusiasm. Stop with the parades, t-shirts, tattoos, flags, and drinking paraphernalia. Why don't you embrace where you're actually from. I've never seen a Cherry Hill tattoo. Not a bad idea.

Back to my point about our ancestors abandoning the old country. Why do we embrace these nations so much? Our families were suffering so badly that they left. The greatest thing to ever happen to us is that our ancestors got out of these shitty nations and came to the beautiful USA.

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