Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Escape Jury Duty

1. Lie if you have to, they won't find out.

The court does not have everyone's history on file. If the case is about an automobile accident. Say you were in one even if you weren't. Was their legal implications? The answer is yes even if its not true. They don't pry to deep but have a reasonable quick story. I rear ended someone and they sued me because of back pain. The case was settled out of court. May this cause you to be impartial in any way? Yes. I am going to excuse you.

2. Racism

You can use this is a last resort but make sure you have the grapefruits. Usually you can see the plaintiff and the defendant. Say one is Hispanic. What do your parents do for a living? My Dad used to work in manual labor but lost his job to illegal aliens. Either your gone right away or your getting striked.

3. Pay attention

Listen to the case and pick up on key facts. Make sure you are definitive and lengthy with your responses. The more you cover, the more chance the judge or lawyer will excuse you. A general rule of thumb is to have some knowledge of the insurance industry especially in the case of an accident. Either say your family members work in insurance or you hate all insurance companies. Again hard one way or the other.

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