Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Bracket: The Very Sweet 16

And we are down to the Sweet 16. Now its time for you to cast your vote and have your say for who advances. The voting links are suitable for work. Its merly a poll hosted by another site. Clicking on a woman's name however, is not advised at work.

1. Sloan vs. 8.Blake Lively Winner: Sloan Vote 1v4 Sloan vs Sharapova
5. Charissa Thompsonvs.4 Maria Sharapova Winner: Maria Sharapova
6.Lindsey Vonn vs. 3. Marissa Miller Winner: Marissa Miller
7.Scarlett Johansson vs. 2. Kelly Kelly Winner: Kelly Kelly Vote:3v2 Miller vs Kelly

1.Miranda Kerr vs.8.Hannah Hilton Winner: Miranda Kerr Vote:1v12 Kerr vs Duff
12.Hilary Duff vs 4.Rachel Glandorf Winner: Hilary Duff
6.Kat Sadler vs.3.Reese Witherspoon Winner: Reese Witherspoon
10. Stacy Kiebler vs. 2. Adriana Lima Winner: Stacy Keibler Vote:3v10 Kiebler vs Witherspoon

1. Carrie Underwood vs. 9.Penelope Cruz Winner: Carrie Underwood 1v4 vote Underwood vs Lisa Ann
5. Megan Fox vs.4. Lisa Ann Winner: Lisa Ann. Some will call it blasphamy but oh well.
6. Gemma Massey vs. 3. Jennie Finch Winner: Gemma Massey 6v2 Vote Massey vs Bitoni
7. Christiana Cindrich vs. 2. Audrey Bitoni Winner: Audrey Bitoni

1.Heather Vandeven vs. 8. Emily Scott Winner: Heather Vandeven Vote: 1v4 Vandeven vs Giada
5.Erin Andrews vs. 4. Giada De Lauremtiss Winner: Giada
6. Beyoncé Knowles vs. 14.Isla Fisher Winner: Isla Fisher continues her George Mason run
10. Jennifer Aniston vs. 2. Cheryl Cole Winner: Cheryl Cole Vote:14v2 Fisher Vs. Cole

Yes I would rather have Lisa Ann than Megan Fox. To some of you this may seem like taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan knowing Jordan would become one of the greatest players of all time. However, no one plays the Milf role and Sarah Palin role better than Lisa Ann. Megan Fox comes off as a bitch to me and her ultimate fall will be stronger than her rise.

The upset of Jennie Finch comes as a suprise I'm sure but her time in the spotlight is fading and she only looks great in a softball uniform and at some point that's gotta come off. Hilary Duff and Rachel Glandorf was very close. Duff emerged because of consistency and an ability to support herself. Stacey Kielber edged Lima on a backdoor cut.

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