Monday, March 8, 2010

Hating the Past: Greek Mythology

Maybe I was just a kid with ADD who could not get my facts straight. Maybe I just refused to buy into it once I learned it was all fake. In 6th grade we were learning about the world history, the Pharaohs, and Greek mythology. I was always far more interested in American history and was quick to consume anything regarding the Revolution or Civil War. I was excited to learn about World War I and World War II next. Except that did not happen and I was forced to endure ancient history. This would have been fine if it were about the Alexander the Great and Ghenghis Khan. However, the line between real and make believe was often blurred and I became frustrated when I realized what were learning was mythology. It was similar to finding out that wrestling was fake and that Hulk Hogan truly wasn't larger than life brother. I went on to question other sports as well but ultimately accepted wrestling. Greek mythology had a different fate. It was excommunicated from my mind. If you happen to like Greek mythology fine, but I do not endorse spending great lengths of time on it in schools. Sure there might be lessons to be learned in their tales but their are lessons to be learned in real history as well.

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