Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Across This Line, You Do Not Cross

There are things that you can get away with at work. Several rules that you can break and you should if its worth it to you. There is a man in my office that refuses to wears anything but a polo and khakis to a bank even if the dress code dictates suit and tie. He has been questioned by bank presidents and field office supervisors yet he does not care. He will forever rock his polo while you or I suit up. I love that he fights this battle because we all need some sense of freedom at work. You see sometimes you can make your own rules at work because they are not worth firing people over or spending to much time on. Some things should not have to be done in the first place and these are the battles I fight.
I will not fill out a cost comparison sheet and send a memo to three different people explaining why its cheaper to drive from NJ to DC rather then fly on US Airways and take a cab. You can ask me over and over again and I won't do it because if you can't figure it why its cheaper Tommy over here will hit you with a tack hammer. I will defend common sense at work against all policies. Id like to think that everyone at work has things they do that bend the rules, the forum is open.

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