Thursday, February 4, 2010

National Signing Day

High School athletes sign their letters of intent to the school they will play for in the fall. It sounds simple enough but the day has taken on a life of its own.
-Steve Sarkisian (Washington Head Coach) had a webcam on his fax machine to watch incoming LOI
-MGOBlog held a live chat that crashed the site due to traffic. It doesn't crash during actual football games. Quite an obsession of 17yr old boys.
-Not that its new but Marcus Lattimore held a press conference in church so God could make sure he made the right decision. He even invited Stephen Davis former Auburn RB to present him with an Auburn hat only to spurn the crowd and choose South Carolina. Club music then played in church. I'm not a religious not but this does not seem appropriate.
-Seantrel Henderson lives in Minnesota but decided to announce where he was going to school in New York City on a Wednesday during school week. Glad to see we have our priorities in order.

The athletes are heavily recruited for a substantial period if time until they sign on the dotted line. The blue chip athletes are feed the most expensive steaks and given access to exclusive parties where they may even be provided their personal college coed at Tennessee or provided with a free night at the strip club at Mississippi State. Most of the players are ignorant to the fact that things change today. Its like enrolling into the army. You will do what the coach has to say because you belong to him now. You are not longer being catered to by the coaches that spent the year wooing you. Hope you enjoyed your fun while you had it.

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