Monday, February 22, 2010

Boyfriend Rental

There is certain protocol in human decency that is not met week in and week out. A girl is approached by a guy in the bar and is hanging out with him for an hour. The guy is thinking that things are going well and maybe I can get this girls number or make out with her. He leans in for a kiss at the end of the night and she says "I have a boyfriend." You might want to smack a bitch but ultimately you feel you have been used. I played witness to this this weekend but its happened to me before. Why do girls think this is ok to do?

Perhaps the girl does have some interest in the guy and wants to see what he is about. Perhaps she is just unable to hang out at the bar without receiving attention. Either way she needs to give the guy some type of warning. Do not allow him to waste his entire night on you believing your single. You are being a selfish bitch. If you want to chat for a few minutes and have a dance that's one thing but if its closing time at the bar and you haven't said anything shame on you. Guys are not dancing with you because they like to dance. For us its a means to an end. If we are putting in work for an hour at the bar, we expect something out of it. A number, a hook up, something. Definitely not, "I have a boyfriend but I had a really nice time". This is a results based industry and guys are not satisfied with dancing and talking.

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