Sunday, February 14, 2010


As I am The Keeper of The Underappreciated, it is my duty to present Worst Party Productions.

The first film attached is Quantum Boggs, Episode I. The film starts with Wade Boggs enjoying his retirement playing beer league softball. After a teleconference conversation with Dan Marino, in which the former Dolphins quarterback admits his anguish with his personal battle with regret after his performance in Super Bowl XIX. Having never won a title in his otherwise illustrious career, Marino feels doomed to a life of wondering "what if". He didn't count on a little help from his friend Wade Boggs. Enjoy.


Below is one of my favorites, Baseball Cards. Lone warrior Agent Baseball Card, known simply as ABC, is on a mission to recover a long lost Roberto Clemente puzzle piece. It captures the zeal and passion of the baseball card hobby.

Baseball Cards

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