Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trans Fat Free

Its amazing how little people know about nutrition. People will look for an lame excuse to eat garbage. They hear things like "whole grain", "reduced fat", "less salt", "trans fat free", and "light" and automatically assume they are compiling the diet of champions. This is not Muscle Fitness so I'm not going to write the New Testament of nutrition here. All I am saying is do a bit of homework and buyer beware of the duplicitous diet terms mentioned above. What annoys me to no end is how certain junk food companies have the nerve to label their products as "trans fat free", trying to pass of their cheap snack food as healthy. But I can't blame them as there are plenty of idiots out there dumb enough to fall for it. Here is a nice list of nutritional trans fat free products:

Hard liquor
Circus Peanuts
Hershey's Chocolate Bar
White bread
Lucky Charms
McDonalds Fries
McDonaldland cookies
Chewing Tobacco

This will be an ongoing series as I will be visiting several local foodstores compiling the ultimate trans fat free diet. Good luck reducing your waist line on these products.

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