Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Notice

Ok so it's been there weeks since I last did one of these. I was going to wait a month but I'm fuming here. This may be entirely personal and not of interest to the readers. If you have a problem with the segment, let me hear about it.
Black History Month- Ok so it hasn't been as annoying this year, but its existence is unnecessary.
Paying for Food- This pertains to lunch at work. It sucks when you get a real job and mommy and daddy don't buy you meals.
Snow on Weekends- This SOB remains on the list due to the impending storm. My weekend begins Thursday night so I would be pissed.
Indian Givers- You know they make a promise or give you something and then renege and take it back. These people suck.
Jury Duty- Mine is impending. I have never been before but I anticipate a frivolous lawsuit. Here's to hoping I get striked by an attorney.
Mars- Can we live there eventually?
Danica Patrick- She's not hot and is somewhat mannish to me. Why is she appealing? She drives a car and is a woman. Not doing it for me. Please vacate the TV.

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