Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days Are Not The Same

When you work a full time job and live aways from your friends its tough to truly enjoy a snow day. First of all they come less frequently because its your responsibility to get yourself to work and not the bus driver or shuttle. Inclement may leave you stranded in a hotel room with fellow employees because your company wants to make sure you show up to work tomorrow.

When you do happen to get off from work its exciting at first. You celebrate a little bit, until you realize all the snow shoveling that most be done and that you can't really go anywhere. You get cabin fever and a glipse into what its like to be unemployed. Snow days breed laziness whether you are working from home or trying to find something to do. You can watch a movie, play some video games, and jump off your roof into the snow. Ultimately, you will be wishing you could do more with your day off.

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