Thursday, February 18, 2010

Though Shall Not Lay Down

This is a picture of the Wolverhampton Wanderers (better known as Wolves) of the Premier League. They have been suspended for laying down and not giving their team the best chance to win. Wolves were deemed to have violated rules E.20 and B.13.
"Rule E.20 states that clubs must field full-strength sides in every match, while B.13 states that each club must act in good faith towards one another."

"Wolves have been handed a suspended £25,000 fine after the Premier League decided the team fielded against Manchester United earlier this season was in breach of rules. Wolves changed all ten outfield players in the 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford on December 15 and Arsene Wenger was among those to criticise Mick McCarthy over the decision. "

Certainly this is something that happens all the time in pro sports in the United States. Wolves had two matches in one week and decided that they had to rest some players if they were going to win a match. Manchester United are the defending champs of the Premiership, so Wolves decided to rest their better players with no real hope of victory.

The New York Jets are likely not even in the playoffs had the Colts and Bengals not been resting their players for the postseason. Had the NFL had a rule such as this as has been kicked around, the Jets would almost certainly not beats the Colts and Bengals to make the playoffs and reach the AFC Championship Game. A potential rule would be difficult to enforce but certainly Peyton Manning sitting down would draw a fine. Any thoughts on the rule?

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