Friday, February 19, 2010

Things I Should Probably Do: It's a Bang House

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"Hey I have an apartment a block away, wanna check it out?"

How money is this line? and how effective is in the long run? It is hard to argue the short term and long term benefits of being able to say this. There are certainly girls that would say yes upfront while others who would like to stop over before they head to the bars or crash at your place. The problem is that is not really affordable or practical to have a place in Old City or Center City right now.

The plan: Split rent between friends on a one bedroom apartment to use for night life only. The cost would be roughly $1200. Whoever has things rolling at the end of the night gets dibs on the bedroom assuming that the is up to par or the guy is in a rut. Any scraps left over can have the couch. So top billing or buddy in a rut gets preference. Figuring you get 4 guys in on this its $300 a head per month. It's not cheap.

The Verdict: This would get old and ultimately we are better then this. However, if you think with only your dick its a great idea. Splitting a place or getting your own place to live in on a day in day out basis is a wiser investment.

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